Horo Horo

May 30

sugar-donquixote said: Perona you should join the young lords crew. our power combine would be perfect your power to drain there will of life and mine to make them into toys would make a perfect duo. And if you decides to sign on i promise you to give you the perfect Kumashi as well. Hope to hear from you soon.


i’m not particularly fond of that bed cushion

pink just doesn’t work for him, either, trust me

i think i can live without joining, sorry cushion

madmonkurouge said: "It doesn't matter who we are, What matters is our plan"

uh, of course yeah, yeah

Apr 12

these are the cutest omg please

ask-jewelrybonney said: "Hey babe , wanna join me for dinner?" she smirks.


"Su…sure, it’s not like I missed doing that…n..not at all….."

piece-parts said: Who drew those dicks on you? O:


Apr 11

Anonymous said: Kid anon "Mommy can we play?"




Apr 05

firelegs said: "PERONA LET ME KISS YOU!"

"get those nasty ass tobacco stained fish lips the fuck away from me"

anyone around? anyone??? sign of life from anythign

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